"He is brilliant - mentally the toughest, most disciplined attorney you could ever hope to meet. He is always three steps ahead of everyone else." Beth Holloway

Assault victims, or surviving family members of homicide victims, have the option of pursuing monetary damages in a civil action for assault and battery (survival action) and/or wrongful death when the injuries or death of the victims are caused by the intentional, reckless, or negligent acts of another person, property owner, or business.

Serving White Plains, Stamford and Greenwich

Hotels, shopping centers, parking facilities, apartment complexes, restaurants, and other businesses have a duty to provide a safe environment for individuals on their premises, or when utilizing their services.

Notable Representation for High-Profile Victims

Mr. Kelly, a former prosecutor, has represented the families of victims in several landmark cases where the civil and criminal justice system intersect, including several in Westchester and White Plains, including:

crime scene

Notable cases, including several homicides in Westchester and White Plains:

  • The Estate of Nicole Brown Simpson (homicide victim)
  • The Estate of Concetta Russo-Carriero, Galleria Parking Garage (homicide victim) Westchester
  • Wrong Way Taconic Parkway Crash Victims (vehicular homicide) Westchester
  • The Estate of Rachel Curry (drowning under suspicious circumstances) Westchester
  • The Estate of heiress Ann Scripps Douglas (homicide victim) Westchester
  • Beth Holloway, mother of Natalie Holloway (presumed homicide)
  • The Estate of Kathleen Savio, ex-wife of former cop Drew Peterson (homicide victim)
  • The Estate of Barbara Kenna (homicide victim)

Thorough Investigation & Personal Representation

Many assaults and homicides victims have fallen prey where money, and/or jealousy, is the compelling motive between spouses, business partners, or business competitors. Even if the criminal justice fails you, the civil justice system is available to assault or homicide victims or their loved ones to prevent others from profiting by unlawful acts.

Mr. Kelly has decades of experience in the nuances of physical, forensic and circumstantial evidence, is fully familiar with all aspects of police and crime scene investigations, and has been battle-tested in the courtroom on countless occasions. Mr. Kelly also has interacted with the international, national and local media in pursuing claims for his clients in high profile, high states litigation.

Families of assault of homicide victims should contact us immediately to discuss an independent investigation or alternate course of action.

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