“John Kelly, the highly respected and talented New York lawyer” Jack Ford, NBC News.

Our serious or catastrophic personal injury lawyers have recorded extraordinary results in serious or catastrophic personal injury cases in Westchester, Fairfield, White Plains, Stamford and Greenwich, including:

car accident
  • $11.4M Traumatic Brain Injury – construction site
  • $9.5M Traumatic Brain Injury – pedestrian
  • $4.5M Burns – construction site
  • $3.25M Pedestrian knock-down
  • $3M Pedestrian knock-down
  • $1.5M Motorcycle passenger
  • $950,000 Broken leg – construction site
  • $750,000 Broken, disfigured arm – construction site
  • $500,000 Auto Accident

Our serious and catastrophic personal injury practice is headed by renowned White Plains personal injury attorney John Q. Kelly. Kelly is a leader in the field of serious and catastrophic personal injury. With over 30-years of experience, he’s earned a reputation for meticulous, zealous and tenacious legal representation of his clients. Trained and schooled in the nuances of physical, forensic and circumstantial evidence and battle-tested in many complex, difficult, serious and catastrophic personal injury trials, Mr. Kelly understands the importance of acting quickly to create a compelling case that will lead to a maximized result, whether it be by trial, or settlement.

“You have a great lawyer in John Kelly” – Dr. Phil McGraw


John Q. Kelly has assembled a team of attorneys best qualified to achieve extraordinary results in serious and catastrophic personal injury cases, obtaining eight, seven and six figure settlements and jury verdicts in personal injury cases in White Plains, Westchester and throughout the region.

Our team of experienced attorneys examines critically the facts of each case and prepares for the most effective settlement or verdict. Legal counsel will carefully examine the nature of the incident, what information is necessary to prove damages, who will recover compensation and what experts are necessary for both liability and damages issues. In a serious or catastrophic personal injury case, the plaintiff must prove four elements: (1) duty – the defendant owes a duty to act as a reasonable person; (2) breach – the defendant must have failed to perform his duty; (3) causation – the breach must have caused the plaintiff’s damage; and (4) damages – the plaintiff must be damaged.

Catastrophic and serious injuries change a victim's life forever. Accidents can be caused through the negligent, dangerous or reckless acts of another and may result in loss of limbs, eyesight, hearing, paralysis, disfigurement, head injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Whether such an accident occurred in a work-related accident, drunk driver accident or other incident in which another person is at fault, it is necessary to act quickly and enlist the assistance of experienced attorneys.

When an individual suffers a catastrophic injury, there are legal aspects that must be addressed carefully and fully in order to protect the injured and their families from financial ruin. The medical costs are always extremely high in such cases, and can run into the millions of dollars. This does not include the other damages suffered by the victim, such as pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, loss of income and others. Our team of attorneys will seek maximum compensation for our clients in serious or catastrophic personal injury cases.

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