Aggressive Representation for Injured Construction Workers in Connecticut

Our construction accident attorneys frequently help construction workers pursue full compensation for their injuries under the law governing third-party claims, including New York Labor Law 240. Some of our firm’s most substantial results have come in construction accident cases, including:

construction workers on a crane
  • $11.4M Day laborer in base of elevator shaft struck on head by falling debris, resulting in a traumatic brain injury – Verdict
  • $4.5M Laborer operating articulating boom crane with wired remote control stepped in puddle of water resulting in electrocution, and severe burns – Settled during trial

On construction sites, the safety of workers is dependent on general contractors, developers, subcontractors and other parties taking reasonable and appropriate precautions. Unfortunately, that does not always happen, and it is the workers who suffer as a result. Usually, the most serious, or fatal, construction accidents are due to the dangerous equipment, and hazardous heights found at most construction sites.

Pursuing Compensation for Negligence on Construction Sites, Including White Plains, Stamford and Greenwich

Normally workers who are injured on the job are limited to pursuing workers’ compensation claims. However, if your injuries were caused by someone other than your direct employer, you may be entitled to pursue additional compensation outside of the workers’ comp system.

After a construction site accident, it is imperative to take immediate steps to photograph the location, secure contact information of potential co-workers/witnesses, obtain a copy of any OSHA reports, and pursue the best medical care, and follow-up care afterwards.

scaffolding injuryConstruction sites are dangerous if safety standards are not properly implemented and enforced. There are thousands of accidents every year where workers are seriously injured or killed in New York and Connecticut at construction sites, especially when large cranes are used on the site. Due to the inherent danger in construction work, many catastrophic accidents occur suddenly and without any warning.

We believe that most accidents at construction sites are avoidable and that individuals or companies not following the safety laws should be held fully accountable for their negligence or their violation of the statutes meant to protect construction workers.

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New York Labor Law

New York State has enacted certain provision in the Labor Law to protect laborers and permit a worker to seek money damages in certain cases. New York Labor Law contains special protections for workers injured by or on scaffolds, ladders and other similar devices. This unique law, commonly known as the “Scaffolding Law,” allows injured workers to bring lawsuits against a property owner or general contractor who violate this section as a result of inadequate of missing safety equipment at elevated work sites. If you were injured on a scaffold, forklift, crane, hoist, ladder or from being struck by a falling object, or as the result of another code violation, you may be entitled to much more than workers’ compensation.

Connecticut Labor Law

Under Connecticut Law, workers' compensation may be the exclusive remedy where no third party liability is uncovered. The key to finding a remedy for all the damages a worker suffers in a multiple party job site is to find legal liability in an entity other than the injured party's employer or the injured party himself. Workers' Compensation benefits and/or disability will likely cover just a fraction of the actual financial losses and none of the losses related to loss of life enjoyment or pain and suffering. It is imperative that an analysis of the job site, responsibilities of the contractors’ onsite, and the involvement of the prime or general contractor be performed by a qualified attorney.

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