What Is an Intentional Tort?

Our White Plains Tort Lawyer Explains

An intentional tort is a personal injury or wrongful death claim that seeks to prove fault after someone has incurred serious bodily harm or death by another’s intentional conduct. Homicide and battery can be tried as intentional torts as the acts are often carried out with the intention to kill or hurt. A tort claim differs from criminal negligence and can be filed even if a criminal case fails to yield desired results.

Filing a tort claim requires the skilled representation of a highly-qualified White Plains intentional tort lawyer. These matters can be difficult to prove and the experience required to successfully navigate your case may be incredibly complex, depending on the circumstances of your injury. Attorney John Q. Kelly, Esq. represents clients throughout the country from his New York, Greenwich, and Westchester offices and is always available.

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Proving Intent

Often the hardest part of a tort claim is proving that the negligent party intended to cause harm by taking purposeful actions against you or a loved one.

Proving an intention tort requires the following:

  • Knowledge of the state of mind of the offending party
  • The injury resulted from a deliberate act against a victim
  • A careless accident was not the cause of injury

Whether you have suffered physical injury, or sustained property damage, bringing suit against the offending person or entity requires a keen insight into legal issues and a thorough investigation of your case.

30+ Years of Trial Experience

John Q. Kelly, Esq. has been battle-tested in the courtroom on countless occasions, and he holds a unique position in the complex, high profile personal injury and wrongful death fields. When you’ve suffered, it is important you retain skilled representation from a White Plains intentional tort lawyer you can trust.

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