pedestrian hit

Pedestrian knockdown accidents in Westchester and Fairfield County, and especially in the busy streets of White Plains, Stamford and Greenwich, result in numerous deaths and serious injuries per year. The experience and rapid response of our attorneys has yielded incredible results, such as:

  • $3.25M Pedestrian struck by school bus while walking on unmarked crosswalk, suffering broken pelvis and traumatic brain injury.
  • $3M Pedestrian struck by commercial vehicle while crossing street mid-block, resulting in spinal cord injury.

Data indicates that hundreds of people die and thousands are hospitalized, each year as a result of a pedestrian accident. According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, in 2014 alone, approximately 250 pedestrians died as a result of an accident with a motor vehicle, with another almost 15,000 pedestrians suffering injuries. Most pedestrian knockdown accidents are the result of speeding, running traffic signals, or failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. In recent years, with the uptick in cell phone and other electronic device usage, pedestrians are becoming an ever greater target for distracted drivers.

Motor vehicles are not the sole cause of death and injury to pedestrians however. Data shows that pedestrians are susceptible to death and injuries from crashes with bicycles and motorcycles too.pedestrian hit

While data shows that pedestrian knock down accidents are usually the fault of drivers, a pedestrian may be determined to have some fault for the accident. As a pedestrian, be sure to follow the “Rules of the Road” – cross in crosswalks, abide pedestrian traffic control devices, and avoid using cell phones or other electronic devices when walking.

If you are hit by a car, truck, bus, bicycle or any other motorized vehicle, and are not disabled, it is important to do the following immediately:

  • Remain at the scene of the accident;
  • Call the police, and request an ambulance;
  • Get contact information from witnesses, or ask someone to do so;
  • Inform your insurance company;
  • Get appropriate medical treatment and track the details;
  • Take photos of your injuries immediately after, as well as, during your recovery.

When we are retained on serious pedestrian knock-down accidents, we immediately act to preserve all evidence available from the accident location, the vehicles and potential witnesses. We also employ experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, human factors, and in the applicable medical specialties, depending on the injuries.

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