Premises Liability Claims

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In the state of California, both residential and commercial property owners are responsible for providing safe conditions for those invited and welcome on their premises. When these conditions are not provided for visitors and someone is hurt, the victims may have an injury claim against the property owner. This is considered a premises liability claim.

If you or a loved one have been hurt due to the dangerous conditions on someone else's property, our firm is ready to help you assess your claim. At Ivey Barnum & O'Mara, LLC, our award-winning legal team has recovered millions of dollars in relief of our clients, including those victims of serious trauma and catastrophic injury. We know what it takes to secure our clients results and are prepared to take aggressive, effective steps towards having their hardships legally rectified.

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What Type Of Visitor Were You?

Before determining whether you have a viable premises liability claim, it's first crucial to substantiate what type of visitor you were to the property. This determines whether or not you were owed "duty of care" by the property owner—with is their responsibility to ensure that you were safe while you were visiting.

Different types of visitors to a property in California include:

  • Invitees: expected social guests, customers, patrons, etc.
  • Licensees: repairmen, delivery people, mail carriers, etc.
  • Trespassers: those breaking the law by being present when they shouldn't

Generally speaking, invitees and licensees are owed duty of care and have the legal grounds to seek compensation when an injury occurs. Because they are not legally on the premises when injured, trespassers do not have a legitimate claim against property owners. In the case that your young child was hurt while trespassing, speak to an attorney about the circumstances of the accident and your legal options.

Proving A Premises Liability Claim

Just like in other injury claims, the burden of proof in premises liability claims falls with the injured plaintiff. Four key elements of the claim must be demonstrated to the court for the plaintiff to be awarded compensation.

A plaintiff must prove:

  • That they were owed duty of care
  • That the property owner failed to provide duty of care
  • That the lack of duty of care allowed for the dangerous conditions
  • That the dangerous conditions led directly to the injury

At Ivey Barnum & O'Mara, LLC, our team understands these burdens placed on the plaintiff and always endeavor to collect the evidence, the testimony, and the advice of experts when needed to substantiate these claims. As experienced litigators, we're ready to painstakingly prepare your case and ensure that the gravity of your injury is compellingly put forth.

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