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Have you lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of another individual or institution? If so, then you may have a legitimate claim for compensation. The state of New York allows the executor of the deceased's estate to bring a wrongful death suit against those responsible on behalf themselves and others who have experienced this tragic loss.

If you and your family have just lost a loved one due to negligence, Ivey Barnum & O'Mara, LLC is ready to hear from you. Our experienced and dedicated team of has recovered millions of dollars for clients who have been injured or bereaved. Our award-winning White Plains wrongful death lawyers are ready to assess your claim and, if necessary, take proactive steps towards securing justice for you and your family.

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Wrongful Death Claims In New York

New York law recognizes that when a family experiences an unexpected death, they are faced a number of different financial and emotional hardships—both immediately and in the long-term. Because of this, plaintiffs in wrongful death claims are eligible to receive a number of different damages.

Damages in a New York wrongful death claim can include:

  • Medical costs incurred before the deceased passed away
  • Conscious pain and suffering the deceased experienced before passing away
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Lost inheritances
  • Lost support, services, nurturing, care, and guidance
  • Funeral expenses

Interest on these damages can also be awarded to the plaintiffs in these cases. While not every form of damage applies to every suit, the plaintiffs' right to all of them must be clearly and compellingly put forth before the court. Our firm is ready to prepare that argument on your family's behalf and ensure that, in the wake of your tragedy, the responsible party's role in the loss of your loved one is vividly illustrated.

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