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We recognize our clients often come to us during a time of grief and sorrow, and we lend our clients the compassionate hand they need at this time. John Q. Kelly has assembled a team of Greenwich and Stamford wrongful death lawyers best qualified to achieve maximum compensation in wrongful death cases, obtaining multimillion dollar settlements and jury verdicts in wrongful death cases in Fairfield, Greenwich, Stamford, Westchester, White Plains and throughout the region.

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    Our Past Victories for Our Clients

  • $12.5M Intentional tort – homicide – Verdict
  • $5.5M Auto accident – Settlement
  • $4.48M Hospital negligence – Settlement
  • $3.6M Commercial aviation accident – Settlement
  • $2.85M Private aviation accident – Settlement
  • $2.35M Acute alcohol/drug intoxication – Settlement
  • $2.00M Negligent security in parking garage – Verdict

Our wrongful death practice is headed by renowned Westchester wrongful death attorney John Q. Kelly. With over 30-years of experience, he has a reputation for meticulous, zealous and tenacious legal representation of his clients. Trained and schooled in the nuances of physical, forensic and circumstantial evidence and battle-tested in many complex, difficult wrongful death trials, Mr. Kelly understands the importance of acting quickly to create a compelling case that will lead to a maximized result, whether it be by trial, or settlement.

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If you lost a loved one due to someone else's negligence, you need to work with a qualified wrongful death lawyer who demands the justice your family deserves. You can be confident in the level of client advocacy offered by Attorney John Q. Kelly and our firm.

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Wrongful Death Claims in NY: Frequently Asked Questions

To successfully complete a wrongful death suit, the plaintiffs, must prove that the at-fault party owed a duty of care to the deceased, and that they failed in that duty which was the cause of the death, and that the death caused the damages that the plaintiffs are attempting to recover.

Who can file a wrongful death claim?

A wrongful death claim is filed by a representative on behalf of the survivors who have suffered damages (emotional, physical or economic) from the death, including:

  • Immediate family members including adopted children and parents of unmarried children;
  • Life partners and financial dependents;
  • In some states, distant family members like siblings and grandparents;
  • In some states, any person who suffers a financial loss from the death.

Will a personal representative for the estate need to be appointed?

A personal representative must file a petition with the court asking to be appointed. Along with the petition, the court must be provided all supporting documents related to the death (i.e. death certificate, will, etc.). The process can be complex, especially at a highly emotional and stressful time, and our firm has the legal knowledge and credentials to file the correct documents in court in a timely fashion.

Who may be sued for a wrongful death?

Many people, companies, and agencies can be named in a wrongful death lawsuit, depending on their roles in the fatal accident. These can include:

  • The at-fault driver or owner of the vehicle responsible for a fatal car crash;
  • The person or company that provided alcohol or drugs to an impaired individual that caused a death;
  • The owner/lesser of premises where the accident occurred;
  • Construction site – the general contractor, or owner of the premises.

What Constitutes a Wrongful Death?

In order to have a wrongful death claim, you cannot simply show that the victim died. As with a personal injury case, you must demonstrate that negligence took place – and that that negligence directly led to the individual’s untimely death. Whether caused by a drunk driver, a thoughtless property owner, or a pharmaceutical company, the death must have some wrongful action behind it. You must also have had a legally-established relationship with the deceased individual in order to bring a wrongful death action on their behalf. Otherwise, you will not have a case.

To establish that the defendant is legally liable for your loved one’s death, you must show:

  • That the defendant had a “duty of care” to protect your loved one against reasonable harm
  • That the defendant violated that duty of care
  • That there existed an unsafe condition because of the violation
  • That your loved one was killed as a direct result of injuries related to the violation

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